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Demo Dataset

The CDPR PUR Archive is a repository of yearly Pesticide Usage Reports (PUR) which are published by the Calfornia Department of Pesticide Reporting (CDPR). The PUR archive has the last several decades of pesticide usage reports available in the illustrated format.

A hands on analysis of the dataset has been done in the open source project repository.

Each early Pesticide Usage Report contains Use Data Chemical (UDC) tables for each county in the state (the blue tables) as well a dozen schema documents and supporting lookup tables.

Anto Architecture

The current system architecture ingests the CDPR PUR Archive, and structures it in a Postgres Database.

When a patient reports their top 5 most traveled regions within the state, the Anto system queries the Postgres Tables for pesticides recently used within that region.

The volume and kind of recently used pesticides within the region are used to approximate the likelihood of patient exposure.

High-level architecture of Anto System.

The Anto System is being rapidly built up, and documents are improved each week. It is publicly available on GitHub.

Database migration tool:

Middleware/Backend server: