A Pesticide Screening Method

America relies heavily on the agricultural community but little is done in the clinical setting to screen for and bring awareness to the determinantal impacts exposure to pesticides can have. Exposure has been reported to cause Parkinson’s, Leukemia, low birth weights, birth defects, fetal death, and neurological deficits and cancers in children.

Anto is a tool that creates a risk profile for patients when they come into the emergency department or for clinical visits. Based on factors such as demographics, the program will flag the patient accordingly for the physician to see.

With Anto, families that do not speak English or understand pesticides and their harm to their health will not be at a disadvantage because Anto will screen them and run the program based on factors that do not require an understanding of pesticides so all patients may get the same care and awareness for this problem.

*These are examples to illustrate the Anto system, not actual pesticides reports. The chemicals listed and formula codes ARE chemicals and physical formulas present in the PUR Database, but they do not necessarily occur in the above combinations or locations.

More about pesticides

Pesticide Exposure Linked to Brain Activity Differences in Adolescents

August 27, 2019

ERIN DIGITALE writes about the collaboration between scientists at Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley regarding pesticides.

Pesticide Drift & Acute Pesticide Illness

Aug 1, 2011

Pesticide drift exposes workers and the public to harmful chemicals and can lead to acute pesticide poisoning.

PPDC Meetings

October 2021

The PPDC meeting document in October 2021 recommended targeting clinicians to partner with. Also stating that outreaching into the clinical field will bring better care for those impacted and promote awareness of the dangers of pesticide exposures.

The Datasets

This phase of Anto focuses on California pesticides and utilizes the following datasets to create the pilot demo program.

Government Program: Pesticide Use Reporting (California)

Published Pesticide Reports: Index

Provided support Anto could stitch in the following data sources for a deeper screening abilities and risk profile.

Drinking water contaminants: Occurrence Data

Data Sheets on: Birth Defect Monitoring and Prenatal Screening

The methods Anto has developed for California can be applied to other states and global regions with sources on pesticide usage. Additionally, it can provide the justification for pesticide usage reporting’s in areas of the world where it is undocumented.